Any help on these models would be greatly appreciated. These are the three models that I have for the circumstance of my marriage.

C: Husband has requested we have a marriage where we talk as little as possible.
T: I want a marriage with communication and connection and by him telling me that, I better understand him.
F: Connected
A: I carry on feeling love toward him trusting that I’ll know what to do when I want to talk to someone.
R: Marriage that when I speak more than he thinks necessary, he tells me to, “Shut the F** up.”

C: Husband tells me to shut the fuck up when he thinks I talk too much.
T: He is hurting right now.
F: Patience
A: Listen
R: Marriage where verbal communication is limited to abusive language from husband.

C: Husband is talking to me while telling me he wants to talk less to me.
T: This is confusing, he’s confusing himself.
F: Confused
A: Wonder if I should leave him?
R: Marriage where I question if I should leave him for my sake and his.

Seeing them written out this way is opening up awareness to ask myself the question, “Do I really see his request and action as neutral?