Managing your mind in a marriage is really important. My husband and I are in couples therapy and it brings up many issues that contradict the work I am doing here. I can manage my mind in any situation but it is really hard when patterns have been established for 20 years. When people say marriage takes work….do we at SCS feel that we are the only ones who need to work and manage our mind?

There is something to trying to provide the support another person needs inside a marriage. I am using the methods from counseling which are pretty much SCS work…but I do believe our marriage has a better shot if my husband takes accountability for his actions. I am not mandating that or putting that is a model…but without that this, marriage requires too much thought work on my part and I would be much better off alone. I have reached the point where I feel happy with who I am and understand my primitive brain and the work I need to do but I do believe that there are some things that need to occur for us to coexist happily. I can be happy with me….but not necessarily happy with us? Does that make sense? Couples counseling has really opened up a lot of issues and I see progress and am managing my mind the best I can during it….but some things require complete processing of sadness and anger.