Marriage and Debt

My husband and I have different philosophies on debt. I prefer to live debt free and he doesn’t. He is contemplating an investment that would involve approximately 500K in debt. He has shared the potential rate of return with me to “sell” me on the idea. I have done a thought download and a few models. Since we are married I do bear some legal responsibility for this debt even though it’s not a choice I would make if I were not married.

UI Model
C Husband’s purchase using debt.
T He is foolish with money.
F Scared
A Don’t consider if this could be wise, judge him, don’t discuss for more information, think of ways to protect myself.
R I think I am foolish for being with him.
Find evidence he makes foolish choices with money.

Another Model revealed a feeling of discouragement. I have spent the past couple of hours processing these emotions, allowing the heaviness and carrying them around. Not getting in a hurry to move into an intentional model. I could use some help with either a bridge or ladder thought. I know I can’t control him and I don’t want to have a fight about this. I want to process this and make wise decisions for myself.