Marriage Thoughts – Not Enough

Hi Brooke, I have two models that are constantly going on below –
C Aaron chatting with Joe and reaches back to hold my hand
T I’m not enough for Aaron.
F unworthy
A get quiet, compare what he does better than me in mind
R Not allow myself to see I’m enough?

T He deserves someone who is better.
F undeserving
A put Aaron on a pedestal, beat myself up when I do something wrong

s the result correct in the first model? If so, how do I start allowing myself to see I’m enough? I also included another model, but I’m not sure on the result. How do you get past – he deserves better?

Here is an intentional model –
C “”
T I’m learning how to love myself and that’s okay.
F Compassion
A Become aware of when not enough thoughts come up, understand the thoughts, direct mind to intentional model, practice intentional model
R Building self love

I understand my models intectually and I see how I show up. Is there more that I can understand about them? Is theee more I can do and practice to start believing I’m enough in all aspects of my life?

I keep spinning in this “not enough” thing. Thank you!