Married in 3 months?? UPDATE

Hi! I’m the one you coached at the modelthon about creating the possibility of finding my husband, alongside my weight loss goals. I let you know that I came home and signed up for online dating and got really clear on who I wanted to be and who my husband is. Well, I matched with a guy who I’ve now gone on 5 dates with in 8 days and he seems so perfect for me I’m thinking could it really be this easy? Could I have actually manifested my husband into my life? Seriously the sweetest man I’ve ever known and already a deeper connection than I’ve ever felt with someone. And then the more negative thoughts like is he for real or is he a con man come into play. I’m letting those come and go, recognizing that my brain is trying to protect me from “getting hurt” again.

Whether or not this man really does become my husband, I’m so so grateful for your coaching that weekend and the nudge I needed to create this experience in my life. To know that someone already exists who I align with in so many wonderful ways has been amazing for me to see. He said what made him match with me was that I actually wrote “I’m enthusiastic about becoming an amazing wife and mother” in my profile, so he knew what I’m about. I’ve never been so forthcoming with what I really want. And I know that’s what he really wants, too.

Now my work is to continue to become and show up as the wife I want to be now and to let those negative thoughts come and go. And, I am putting all my eggs in this basket (like you mentioned to another person below) because I agree, I want to be married so I’m acting like it.


Emily Rose

P.S. His name is Chris. 😉