Hi there – I’ve been struggling with the concepts of having to wear a mask since the beginning. Having worked in healthcare for over a decade, I simply do not believe that masks do anything to prevent the transmission of a virus. I believe there is another agenda at play, and I’m always feeling frustrated because I believe we are being manipulated.

I can see that there are a lot of thoughts in my above sentence, and I could come up with at least 20 more. Am I supposed to do a model on each of them? Instead of feeling Anger, I want to feel Detached. But I don’t know how to do that, when I’m angry every single time I see these mask rules being enforced where I live. I can do my best to ignore it, or line up to the thought that “this is my life’s journey to be alive during this time” or “there is a reason for me being called to participate in life during this time”, and be okay with that. But I do NOT want to wear a mask! To me, wearing a mask means symbolizes submission into a fear-based belief system that teaches us to be afraid of each other, and teaches us that our bodies aren’t strong enough to handle a (natural!!) virus. I simply cannot get behind that message, and I want absolutely nothing to do with perpetuating it. I feel it is incredibly disempowering, and actually makes us sicker.

I’ve tried to find other thoughts about masks that I believe, but I DON’T believe they help us. I DON’T believe that it’s better safe than sorry. I DON’T believe any of the mainstream narrative, and I don’t believe that the government is, or ever was, here to help us get healthy, based on my extensive experience working in healthcare.

I don’t want my A line to be “peacefully wear a mask”. I want to feel detached from the drama, tuned in to my truth, and I don’t want to participate in what I believe is mass manipulation. I’d actually like to teach others to tune back into their own innate wisdom, and stop looking to outside sources (ie: the government) for advice on their health.

I’d really like to unhook from this, but feel I don’t know where to start, so many of the thoughts are so strong. I think “we are being lied to” might be the strongest.

Awareness Model
C signs in my condo saying to wear a mask
T we are being lied to
F anger
A stewing inside my head, ranting to friends, wasting time on social media, not wearing mask in condo
R distracts me from my goals (some of my goals are to create a business centered around helping others learn to trust themselves, trust their bodies, and awaken to create lives they love.) I’m not sure how this provides evidence for my T line? Maybe by not completing my business goals, I’m part of the problem by not helping my audience wake up?

Intentional Model
C signs in my condo saying to wear a mask
F Detached

I need some help. Thank you!