Massage Therapist Is Leaving

I have been going to see this Massage therapist for three years. He is from South Korea and over time I learned about his family and history.
Today he told me that his older brother got sick and he decided to go back to Korea for a couple of years and currently with no time in mind of coming back to the US.
It made me utterly sad to know that he is leaving. It’s not like I ever made an effort to see him anytime other than the time I’d come for our appointment, but we developed a very special connection. I always used to bring him gifts from my trips and Christmas gifts. I truly cared for him and his well-being.

Here’s my model:

C: My massage therapist leaves the US
T: I will miss having this special connection with him and seeing him
F: Sad
A: Wishing him good luck
R: ?

Clearly, I cannot control the fact that his brother is sick and that he decided that the right thing for him is to leave. And the way I want to show up for this is actually invite him for breakfast or dinner and really sit with him and hear more about his plans to go back and tell him he will be missed and that one day I hope he will be back.

Is there any other perspective you can offer me that I cannot see?