Massive Action

I love this months work! I am loving the workbook and writing each day about what I have accomplished, what I need to do that day, and the thought work. Is this way of planning and getting results called massive action? I am trying to figure out how to set my goals and then take massive action to get them done. I have things I want to accomplish in 30 days, 6 months, 1 year etc. What is a good way to organize all this? Maybe writing down all the goals, then planning each one in the way we are learning this month? Is it best to only do one thing until it is complete, like we are doing with the 30 day goal this month? I am just focusing on my 30 day goal and I know that restraint and focus is just what I need this month to get it done and learn this process. Later, when this planning process comes more naturally would I work on a few goals at a time? Maybe something that needs to be done this week, this month and even some things for a 6 month goal? Thanks!