Massive Action and Results

I need help identifying my massive action and my month’s goal.

My overall goal I’ve been focusing on throughout the program is to reach a certain revenue target by the end of the year (I have an e-commerce business). For the month of April I would like to increase my revenue 1.5xs over March.

Here’s what I brainstormed as far as what I could do to achieve that result:
-create Pinterest campaigns with different ads and different targeted audiences
-create a better opt-in
-create an opt-in email sequence
-create blog posts and newsletters
-finish b-school modules
-set up abandoned cart emails on mailchimp
-add more product photographs
-add and announce a referral program
-reach out to designers

Something I thought was to make my goal be to follow through on doing the tasks I schedule each day since that’s something I’ve struggled with – doing what I planned to do, procrastination, focus, discipline, etc.

You say to-dos and time spent doing though are not the same as accomplishments, which is true because I could do all these things and not get the $$ result I want. But how do I measure my success at the end of the month? I could be successful at completing my actions, but fail at reaching my target revenue. Completing the actions above are things I have full control over – they aren’t dependent on anything or anyone else, ( similar to your example of writing 5 chapters). I just have to sit down and do them. The revenue on the other hand does have dependence on external factors – customers buying.

I can hear you saying, do the things that will make your result inevitable. I know eventually I will figure out patterns – that if I do x then that will result in $x revenue or a certain conversion rate, but I haven’t yet. Maybe that should be my goal? Discover what converts the best?