Massive action towards my dreams: Making decisions

Hi Brooke! This is my first month in SCS and I’m learning a lot by starting with the ‘How To Feel Better’ program. It’s helping me lay down a lot of important foundation.

One thing I’m struggling with is taking massive action towards my dreams. I want to become a coach: either a life coach or a business coach, or some mix of those two. I don’t know (I know you hate those words!) so many things and am unsure how to figure them out: what sort of coach should I work to become, what school should I become certified with, how will I find the money to afford the school I want to go to, how do I know there are clients in my niche, and on and on. Each item seems so up in the air and depends on so many other factors. I keep trying to tell myself to focus on ME first, on managing my mind and changing my beliefs about money and building a business, but I know this is also passive action and I battle with it. I know it can be as easy as making a decision, but it spins me into a cycle of anxiety and doubt that I can’t get out of, always unsure I’ve made the wrong decision or have been too quick to decide and there will be consequences, and I go right back to deciding all over again. I’m not sure how to participate in your September work because my goals are all just uncomfortable decisions that are attached to so much other stuff I feel I need to know. I’d love your guidance here, thank you so much. – Savanna