Massive Action

Not a question per se, but a validation to your continued advice for us to take MASSIVE ACTION.

I was one of those people who consumed information (thinking that I was taking action), thought a bunch about it, tried this and that, but nothing consistently.

Then something clicked, and I got tired of doing the above mentioned ‘actions’ without results.

Instead, I took massive action (aka, I stopped the chatter and just did it).

The 5 lbs that I have been wanting to lose all year came off in 3 weeks because I took massive action.

Is it THAT easy, Brooke? I mean… it hasn’t been a breeze with all the discomfort and hunger and urges that I have had these last three weeks… but each time that I feel those feelings, I knew they would be there because they were planned ahead of time.

This months’ challenge (Getting it done) is to lose 5 more lbs. I know that won’t be any easier, but now I know what to do: Double down on the massive action!

Thank you for being here. 🙂