Master coach training? & Passive Income?

How do I become a master coach with you? I still have a way to go in my current coaching business but would love a good trajectory to how to end up as one of your Master Coaches on SCS!

Secondly, I have a 7-month old and desire to have one more child at some point in the next few years. My partner is concerned with me growing my business (although he was supportive BEFORE I started getting clients) because it is “adding on” stuff to our already full plates. We need the extra money and I LOVE coaching.

Can I skip past doing one on ones as a major part of my business and head right into podcasting and offering passive income online courses? And then maybe some in-person group coaching here or there? Do you think I would be missing out on anything going this route?

This trajectory seems like it makes sense to me to support my lifestyle of this mothering period of littles without adding TOO much stress to the family.

Also, did you intend to have two boys so close together? Are you glad you did that?