Mastering emotional balance

I’ve watched the “Mastering emotional balance” video and I’m doing the homework. I’m so thrilled because this sounds so life-changing.

I can recognize that I’ve always thought that I should be happier and that the goal of life is to be happy (most of the time). And I’ve brought this into the self-coaching work, trying to become “happier”.

Now I’m really open to the idea that I genuinely WANT to feel negative emotions.

I was asking myself yesterday: if a solution to be happy all of the time existed, would I choose this path?

And I guess there are ways to be happy all the time:
> I could take heroin and be happy all the time (and eventually die, but having been “happy” before) or I could take anti-depressant drugs…
> I could choose to really love everything like Byron Katie or other people that are enlightened, be in the present moment, be happy with what I have…

And I don’t choose to do that, instead, I want to interfere with reality thanks to my positive and negative emotions.

I really don’t want to take any drugs because I don’t want to change my body’s chemical balance.

And I don’t want to feel enlightened because I want to have a family, to have projects and desires, and to accomplish things and evolve.

It seems like negative and positive emotions are the interface I choose to see and experiment with the world and myself.

Would you have any complementary advice not to forget this life-changing lesson? I’m afraid to forget it and come back to “I should be happier.”