Mastering the Model # 2

Many thanks for the feedback on the model I posted a couple of days ago. Here is a revised version. I am much more confident with it now. Would be grateful for your feedback again.

– Default
– C: SMS from M: ” Can we talk tomorrow?”
– T: Every time I talk to her she sucks my energy with her negativity
– F: Resentment
– A: I ruminate over the past tensed conversations, I blame her , I create tension in my body, I have those internal dialogues with her inside my head
– R: I give my energy away and I am negative

– Intentional Model
– C: SMS from M: ” Can we talk tomorrow?”
– T: Our challenging relationship helps me grow into a next best version of myself
– F: Curious
– A: I let her know that I have little time to talk. I try to call her at a time that is convenient for me. I make no excuses or justification for not calling. I do not spend mental time to think about this. I am listening to what she has to say. I am not negative about my life. I notice my thoughts when she says certain things that I qualify as negative. I encourage myself when I see that I am curious about what she says without being judgmental
– R: I am growing into the next best version of myself