Materials for self love & acceptance?

Hello! I am struggling with deep feelings of unworthiness and I’ve done enough work to be ready to finally address them properly. Thank you Brooke and team.

I feel shame when I look at my body, think persistent negative thoughts and spend a lot of time I could otherwise dedicate to my business or family thinking about my food choices and plans. I also don’t feel worthy of love and acceptance just the way I am. I’m prone to perfectionist fantasies and always wanting to improve myself. So I’m marinating in all the ways I’m NOT good enough. Yet I still want to meet my goals. I hear the LCS coaches talk about meeting their goals from a place of compassion and the idea is still alien to me. A lot of this has improved immeasurably but I’ve now ready to get right into the depths of this and I’d like some guidance as to where to go next.

I’ve already done the relationships, Your Relationship with You, Entrepreneurial Management, Weight Loss & Monday Hour One materials. What materials would you suggest I use to help me as I tackle this work? I know it’s a process and there is no magic bullet but some suggestions would be great. Thanks!