Materials to get organized. Confusion.

I have trouble organizing. I love writing and kinda write everywhere, different papers, notebooks, whatever I have on hand. I have many ideas, business and personal development. So I keep different materials with my notes. But then I get lost of where I wrote it.
I try to write now in one notebook, to see everything I think per day, but then I get lost too. For example, today, I did many models, I wrote down my schedule, time I spent on each task, wrote some great ideas from the podcast, did a path download, planned my activities for tomorrow and future days ALL in one notebook.
But then, how I am going to find out what I decided to do next week today? or remember it?
I don’t want to put it on my phone because I am afraid to check on facebook etc. and lose time rather than staying focus.
Any suggestions?
Hope I am clear.
Thank you so much.