Maternity leave

Going back to work and having so many thoughts have done many helpful models but keep returning to-I wish I didn’t have to go back. Why? I know I’m choosing to go back. I’m doing it for money/security.

I don’t want to sell our house. I think I resent myself and my husband for being the breadwinner in our family.

My husband does a million wonderful things for us; he steps up constantly to take care of house things/kids/me. But I wish I was the one doing that and he was making more money. Struggling to let this go.

C: I make more money than my husband
T: I wish he made more so I could stay home with kids
F: resentful
A: irritable-snap at him for little things. Ruminate in pity about having to work even when I’m not at work
R: not enjoying the time I am home

I have a model where I focus on F: grateful, T: I’m so lucky to have a husband who does so much for our family…but even though I believe this, I’m constantly thinking about how I wish our roles were reversed. Feeling stuck.