May Homework Question

Hi, I am completing the day 3 questions about the person we are picking to judge, which is my medical assistant. The questions are asking what they do/how they act/what their actions would be when not trying to interfere. From doing this work, I have been able to appreciate better actually all of the tasks that she truly does do for me (even if she is very slow with some of them). I’m struggling a little bit here though with knowing if some of what I expect of her as a medical provider is completely reasonable verses something I need to work more on. I do not personally pay her (I know Brooke has said it is different to have expectations when paying/employing someone), but I am not sure if this is the same or not since it is the agency I work for that is paying her to be my medical assistant??? I am not involved in the hiring process, we are just told who are MA is. I feel like I’ve made huge progress with her through encouragement and positive reinforcement (if it hadn’t worked out with me she was going to be let go). I realize I expect a lot more tasks from her than I initially thought before listing them all out…BUT I also DO think all of that would be fully possible to get done in a day if she was being very efficient and focused (ie not getting caught up in drama/chatting with coworkers as much/FB/texting/wedding planning etc). I really do like her, but am just struggling with understanding if it is different when it is a hired person or if I still should be doing work here myself. My goal is in the next year that I really want to reach productivity bonus (which no other provider in my specialty there has). I worry when she gets distracted and behind that she would not be able to keep up if I were to try to hit bonus and that the extent that it is possible to achieve depends on us working together most efficiently as a team. I’m not sure how else to approach…I do try my best when we get behind to help myself (ie see the next patient first before she does vitals, merge in templates that she normally merges in, check my own fill dates for controlled substances, do forms directly that she normally helps with).

C: achieving bonus, to achieve bonus must see at least 10% more pts
T: I can only reach this (with keeping my sanity in check at least) if my MA is able to keep up with this pace and stay organized
F: Nervous
A: not yet try to schedule extra patients
R: not yet hit bonus because I have not tried