May Topic

Hi Dear Coach, i am happy for the topic of this month. I read about the manual in the workbook. Here is the thing that came up to my mind.I agree with take a responsibility for our own needs n just enjoy each other company but I don’t know how to express my emotion.I was seeing a guy lately. He set a time to come to meet me , he lived an 1h away from me. He also wanted to take care of his tenants in my town before he comes to meet me but I didn’t know. Then he called me n said sorry I got busy with some stuff here, can we go out later, I got upset, n said it would be really late so take your time n we will meet another time. I didn’t like his behavior , But I couldn’t tell him directly you mixed 2 things together. Then I thought that how I can tell him you don’t have priority ! I didn’t continue with him because I said to myself I don’t want to be a teacher for him, I am looking for a grown man. But the truth is I am still looking for a grown man. What is your idea for this situation; I should have told him? I should have not canceled the plan? I should have not got upset? Thanks