Maybe I’m getting the hang of it?

I confess, haven’t done many dares this month. But in the past three days I’ve decided I’m tired of holding myself back with negative thoughts, esp about my body and my age. While shopping, I started to walk away from a pair of exercise leggings bc I literally thought “If I weren’t so heavy these are the ones I would get” (cute colors & design). I took about five steps and became aware of the thought that made me put them back on the rack. And then I consciously decided I could just start choosing what I truly love without regard for any other thoughts about it. So I have a cute exercise outfit!

Last night I decided to go to the gym. That I joined 2 months ago and only went to once. Of course this morning I had a million reasons why it was a bad idea or there were other better options (just walk outside, just do a video at home, etc). I drove myself there and sat in the car saying “I’ll go in, walk on the treadmill for 30 min and leave” until I did it. And I haven’t walked continuously for 30 min in awhile.

My sons and I are traveling to visit family later this week and I wanted to do something fun with them along the way. So, what would I do if I was younger, slimmer, and more confident? Yep, I booked us a white water rafting trip!!

Feels amazing to show up and go for it! Thanks SCS! No question here. Just wanted to celebrate.