Maybe I’m scheduling too much….

I grew up with parents who taught me it’s necessary to work very hard for any money you get, and then you have to manage it very carefully. And the only way to earn more money is to work even harder.

I’m trying to change that mindset, but I find it very difficult to cut back on my work hours even though I know I’m not as productive during those hours as I should be. We struggle financially, so I feel like I have to work more to make more. How do I turn this around? I want to schedule fewer work hours in my week and schedule in more relaxation and family time, but literally feel restless and bored out of my mind (and guilty) when I’m not working or I constantly find myself thinking about work.

First question — How do I decide what is an adequate work schedule? I know it varies based on the individual situation, but do you have an example of what would be good to aim for? I think my opinion is skewed by my thoughts that I need to keep working harder to make more money.

Second, how do I learn to relax and actually enjoy downtime?