Maybe not qualified?

Hi Brooke, I have a couple of questions that I would appreciate your advice! A couple of weeks ago, I recieved a letter in the mail saying that a summer camp that I helped out at for one summer was looking to hire a new director. My thought was immediately that I’m not qualified and that I should just throw the letter away. A part of me knew I should keep it and maybe consider it. I kept it and now am highly conisdering applying. I’ve never been a camp director before, but I’ve been to the camp and love it. It’s an outdoor camps for girls to build outdoor skills. I can connect with it so much because I never had that growing up until a high school teacher built my passion for the outdoors. My question is there a time where you just aren’t qualified for a job? I do want to submit my resume, but I have thoughts that it will be a joke because I don’t have experince. A part of me just wants to apply even if I wouldn’t get hired just to not regret it later. What are your thoughts? It is also related to your job that you posted on here. I thought it would be cool, but then dismissed it. This could be holding me back from going for those bigger jobs because I dismiss myself so often. Thoughts circling my head are I am not qualified. I don’t have what it takes. Who I am is not enough to do anything of value. I’m not a cool person that can offer value.