Maybe this is why

Hi brooke,
Thanks for your previous answer on resistance. So the answer in my case is action and I will restart to take action and draw a plan and calendarize it ( normally I have this huuuge list in my head and it paralizes me, need to break it down and put it on the calendar as you say).

I realize that a bit part of my struggle is the fact that I always made it quite ” easily” in things. Not always true and I didn’t always have it easy, but in many cases I was always the “natural talent ” for example in school. I studied hard but always had that extra advantage.
I remember reading a blog post of yours comparing your two sons and how you felt one of them was the natural talent and how you knew that the other would be in fact advantaged because he had to learn to work harder and earn things.
I guess this is why I find it hard to commit to the grind, I am not super skilled in earning things that are difficult to me.I realize I take bumps in the road as I sign that I’m destined for failure.

On the flipside of this, I know that whenever I truly put my mind i to something, I always made it happen. Always. So why not now?
Why not know? That s the question I will ask myself from now on.