MD appt

I would like to see how the model could help with the situation below. I had an annual MD appt this week to review my imaging results. My doctor was unavailable so they sent a resident in his place. Below is the model I created but as in other circumstances, I am not sure what the next steps are. How can the model help with the anger I felt. Thanks!

A doctor cannot possible know what is best for me
Who does he think he is
He was condescending with statements like I am a blah blah blah and have spent years researching this
He was questioning my decision as if I were a child and didn’t know what I was talking about
It does not make sense to be on medicine
I am an individual, he needs to look at my case as such
That is the worst interaction with a doctor that I’ve ever had
He was undermining my knowledge and decision in a manner that was ultra unprofessional
I’m not even sure I have MS
My clinical presentation is not typical, he needs to take that into account
They’re all just trying to push me to take medications because that is what they are taught to do
You aren’t even my doctor, I have never seen you before in my life
I don’t trust you

C I had an appt with a neurologist
T He addressed me in a very condescending and combative way when I told him that I had discontinued taking my medication with no plans to start again
F Attacked
A I was stern and informed him that I did not appreciate his combativeness and the manner in which he was challenging me. I shut down. Spinning thoughts of how he was the biggest asshole ever. Short with my answers.
R The appt was a waste of time and I will look for a new provider