Me, a cult?! (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
I hardly slept last night because I got two messages in a row from two listeners of my podcast, telling me that what I say really sounds as if it came straight from a cult. I toyed with the idea of believing the thought they offered until I asked reassurance from my husband and my friends. They were AMAZING, laughing out loud at the idea that I could head a cult.
Here are my models:
C – being told my podcast comes straight from a cult
T – I may be inventing stuff which I want others to believe
F – like a fraud, an imposter
A – all day long, I’ve doubted myself – am I the right mother for my kids, the right teacher for my students…?
R – I felt as if I had lost my identity
T – Of course some people think thoughts should remain unconscious and are afraid of anything that’s unfamiliar – that’s on them!
E – relaxed, confident
A – I work on making my podcast even better, more believable because I express myself in a better way
R – I feel even more at ease with my podcast’s content
I also thought that the two writers and I could agree to disagree, that I wasn’t everyone’s peach, that I could choose to believe whatever I wanted to, that they had no power over me unless I gave it to them…
I’d love to hear your thoughts on that situation. Thank you so much!
Have a great day!