Me on Over Delivering

My mind has been thinking “over deliver, over deliver, how can I over deliver?” I have a coaching client who I just offered a free spot in a meditation workshop I am doing tonight. “Since you are coaching with me I wanted to make this offer to you” type thing. She jumped on it and is so excited. What I want to report is not her response, but mine. I have been giddy with delight having this way of overdelivering occur. I feel GREAT!! Better than any additional money from her for the class would give me (I project) This orientation to life is perfect for my purpose of living in abundance. I feel so rich for having given something away. Thanks for being the model in this. I look at you and think abundance, I look at you and think overdeliver. I look at me and know that I can be and am the same. Thinking it for sure.
Me on over delivering =feeling awesome!! XX Janet