Hi, I am working on not overeating healthy foods and the thought “since I worked out I have a hall pass to overeat healthy foods”. I know that this is old programming I have had almost my entire life. I started my exercise routines (which eventually became my business and way of making a living) because as a teen I felt “pudgy” and liked food and wanted to eat without limitations and thought “eat low fat/work out and I can eat whatever I want”.

That thinking is what I am working on deconditioning. I have noticed however now meal times are not as enjoyable. Its like I am eating almost in a panic, so afraid of overeating, yet wanting to overeat. Its a time of war with my mind and body. I wanted to ask if you could help coach me into a place of inspiration. I would like my mealtime to be a time where I am inspired to tune into my body and listen to its cues. Thank you in advance.