Meal time

I am following a protocol which is working nicely. I am allowing urges and I am loosing weight. I notice that I have this thought: I do not enjoy food, I do not enjoy meal time. I still see food as a problem still. I feel that I am not at a stage where I do not not care for food. I wonder if I am going to binge back. I am not hungry, I eat little and for now this is easy. I notice that when I feel certain emotions I have an urge. I allow the urge most times and sometimes I feel that I use willpower. I tell myself: of course you want to eat this, but think about the ultimate goal you have. Then I move on. Is that allowing the urge? Can you help me with the model bellow? I am not sure about the R.
Many thanks in advance.

here is the model I am working on and I would love your help:

C: Meal
T: I do not enjoy eating
F: anxiety
A: I eat fast, I get annoyed when the kids eat slowly, I am not present, I do not connect with the sensation of eating, I do not notice the thoughts that come to mind when I eat.
R: Not having a good time

Intentional model
C: Meal
T: I want to become someone who has a good time with family during meals
F: Curious
A: I sit down with an intention to enjoy meal, discussion and moment, I connect to what I eat, I slow down, I do not force the kids to eat faster, I am present, I am not spinning thoughts about what I can or cannot eat.
R: I enjoy eating more