Meals per day/hunger pain – JS

So far I’ve been on my protocol a few weeks, and I have only followed it perfectly a few times – I find I choose to go off protocol when I get hungry to the point where it’s very uncomfortable physically and I eat a fourth small meal in addition to my three planned meals to avoid dealing with the distraction of the hunger pain. I’m having great results so far despite this. I’m wondering if I should try to stick to 3 meals and wait it out with the expectation I will become more fat adapted, or add a fourth small meal to my protocol, or do thought work around my discomfort with my hunger. In terms of the latter, I think in those moments of intense hunger I feel distracted by the pain/lightheadedness and the thought is “I am irresponsible if I lose my focus on my work (which directly affects other people’s lives).” My new thought could be “Hunger pain/lightheadedness/discomfort will not affect the way I provide care” but I’m having a hard time believing that thought. Would love to hear your input, thank you!