Mean While Traveling

I’m currently on vacation with my boyfriend and I’m ruining it. He has ADHD and I’m struggling with being patient and supportive. On Wednesday I was pissy and short with him as we were packing. He would take forever to do anything and get distracted with non relevant activities and I wound up doing the brunt of the work and all the last minute chores and errands. I chose to do those things, but I was not kind about it. Yesterday and today there have been several times where I suggest something (like trust a map vs his 4 year old memory of how to get someplace) and he will disagree or say we should do something his way and then after will change his mind to my original point and it just feels like so much wasted time and frustration on both our parts. He also constantly misplaces things like his wallet, the train ticket, his passport and I’m just so frustrated. I’m letting my thoughts and feelings ruin this trip so far. I’m trying to let these things be neutral but with pressures of time for planes, trains, and timed activities I’m really having a hard time letting it be ok.