Measurable goal 2 (Parenting)

Thank you so much for your answer! I’ll post my answers to your additional questions. So helpful!

What’s the end goal? In other words, what are you hoping to achieve by giving your daughter attention? It sounds as if it’s not so much the amount of time spent with her as it is about something bigger you’re hoping to create.

I want to allow my feelings. I want to spend time with her, observe my feelings and be available for her and for me.

Go one step further. Why is that (your answer to the question above) important to you?

I want to be a calm and patient mother. I want to enjoy the 50/50 of my family life.
I also think “I want to be an example to my daughter, to show her one can allow her feelings.” But isn’t she allowing her feelings already? When she is having a tantrum, I tell myself she should learn to behave herself, but isn’t it just me who is judging her in an unappropriate way?

Lastly, how would you know if you achieved your goal? What would be different for you? Perhaps there are measurable components here.

I would have spent this amount of time only with her and made my relationship with her my priority of the month. I would be more skilled to feel my feelings as a mother. I don’t know how to measure that.