Measurable results for relationships?

Hello there,
I am wondering about my goals or results that I am seeking, because I feel like almost everything I long for are internal results, that are not quantifiable or measurable. Take the example of relationships.

What I want for my romantic Partnership is to cultivate love for my partner, who is (already) saying that he loves me while I cannot really feel or say it yet and I want to cultivate that love. But that can’t be measured. I also want to work on trusting him more, in the sense that I trust his good intentions, that he is a good person, and that the ways we are diferent from each other are not a sign that something is terribly wrong, but just existent because we are two seperate human beings that are supposed to be different.

Then in my relationships to my relatives I’d like to also cultivate love, to feel more free in regards to the relationship and take way less responsibility for the other people’s feelings.

All these things might be valid goals, but they are not measurable. I’d like to ask for some feedback about them. Weather they are valid. And if you have recommendations or can give some examples what relationship goals/results could be.
What would be examples for measurable results in relationships?

Thanks a lot