Measuring urges (Nadège)

Dear coach,
To see my progress over the next year as far as allowing my urges is concerned, I was thinking of 2 measures:
1. writing down the number of urges I allow (and why and how)
2. taking note of their intensity
My goal is to see them decrease in number and intensity over the next year.
I’m a bit concerned with the intensity, though. Obviously, it’s going to be completely subjective and if I invent my own scale from 0 (no urge) to 10 (extremely urgent), it could evolve from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. So how do I make my tools reliable?
I understand that my desire for certain foods is going to stay but that I can decrease its intensity. That’s what I’m aiming for (although my impossible dream would be for me to have no more desire for sugar, flour or chocolate – which I associate with both anyway).
Thank you!