Mediation Model

Hi wonderful coach,

I’m working on my thoughts about an upcoming mediation session with my exhusband around our parenting plan. This is an existing parenting plan that he feels I am not following properly. He has requested the mediation. I have lots of thoughts on this because we’ve had other rounds of mediation over the years.

C- Parenting plan mediation session
T- Mediator won’t be able to facilitate effectively and Mark will get whatever he wants.
F- Vulnerable
A- I’ll make concessions to keep myself safe.
R- I feel violated and convinced the mediator didn’t mediate well.

I’m noticing that my A line is also a thought (I’m thinking some actions will keep me safe). Any input on this?

Here’s the thought model I want:

C- Parenting plan mediation session
T- I am able to differentiate his actions/words from my feelings. I can articulate my wants.
F- Empowered!
A- I stay calm and grounded during mediation. I learn something during it that I can use for my personal growth.
R- I am empowered in future interactions with him. I better communicate with him because I am not afraid of his words or actions.

Any insights on this one?

Any recommendations on a practice for getting this new thought cemented in my brain?

Thanks very much!