Medical professional trying to craft her own practice to focus on health and weight loss.

Hi Brooke, I’ve been listening to your podcasts. For over two years now and want you to know it’s changed my life. I’ve turned on friends, patients and colleagues to it and most of them love it too!

When I started to think about what profession I wanted I died died I wanted to help people outside of western medicine practices. I knew I would need some credential to do this so I became a Physician associate or PA. Honestly I’ve never really enjoyed it unless I was teaching diet changes and exercise. Your podcasts have really expanded the way I approach this. Needless to say I’ve changed jobs many times in the last 12 years trying to find a better fit. Unfortunately this history has shut me out of a few job opportunities. The happiest I’ve been during this time is when I quit a job and travel for a few months. I also seem to take too much time off work for illnesses. I have had a few major ones, but I think doing something for money and not for the love of doing it wears me out.

My dream is to start a clinic that focuses on weight loss and healthy diets to improve my patients overall health and enjoyment of life. I know I’m fairly good at it due to the successes I’ve had with some of my patients. I would like to combine a coaching business with healthcare. The problem lies with working my current job, as I need the income and health insurance, and doing what I need to do to get my new business off the ground. It seems overwhelming to do both. I’m considering cutting back to 3 days a week so I have the energy to organize this new venture. I’m also not sure what to put into this program. Do you have any other health professionals that have made this change? Would they possibly be willing to mentor me? I’m feeling stuck, but excited at the same time!

Thanks for all you do! So happy I’m part of Scholars now!