Meeting my goals

Hi Brooke,
I had set a goal to earn a certain number this month. Due to the fact that most of my clients have been no-shows or cancellations, I am not close to that number. I’m currently working with a business coach to re-do my whole approach to having clients, but this is a longer game than this month.
I started looking up ways to make quick money so that I could hit my goal. None of these ways are necessarily aligned with my longer term business goals, and they’ll end up taking time away from that project. Things like selling my iPad, and driving for Uber/Lyft.
Do you think it’s better to prioritize hitting the goal by any means necessary? Is my thinking on this too limited?

C: I am about 25% of my way to my income goal this month
T: I’m not making enough money and I won’t be able to pay all my bills
F: Fear
A: ??? Freeze? Panic? Wait. I’m probably buffering. Buffering by writing this, when I could be taking massive action to either build my new business or make some quick money, or call no show clients to reschedule them ASAP…crap. I guess I just found my bullshit.
R: I won’t make enough money to pay my bills.

New Model:
C: same as above
T: There’s still plenty of time left in the month
F: Hopeful, activated
A: Call some clients, indicate necessity of showing up. Look into ridesharing.
R: I’ll make my income goal.

What do you think? After writing this I realize it doesn’t matter if I scrounge for change or what, as long as I’m clear about why I’m doing it and I learn from it. Right?