Meeting with a friend and comparing our relationships

Hi! This is so wonderful to have access to this forum and read your feedback. Thank you for the tremendous help.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a friend of mine. I compare my relationship with my husband to her relationship with her boyfriend and tell myself her relationship is better than mine.

C Meeting with my friend
T My relationship with my husband is not as good as her relationship with her boyfriend
F Frustrated
A Ruminate, compare, manufacture a picture in my head of her relationship and of my relationship, seek for evidence and find it, fall into a negative thoughts spiral
R I make my relationship unpleasant and I create a very unpleasant evening for me

C Meeting with my friend
T There is no competition.
F Relieved
A Speak with honesty, share my truth, listen to my friend, ask her questions, appreciate what I have, practice my intentional thoughts about my marriage
R I enjoy my human experience

Would you have any feedback about my models? Thank you!