Meeting with pro bono client

I work as a clinical social worker but I am also a lawyer. I volunteered months ago to do some pro bono work online. I had honestly forgotten about it until I got an email 10 days ago. The client is from Cuba and needs to apply for a work permit. I agreed to do it. But right now I am regretting it. To do it properly there is a video and materials to go over. Oh yes, he speaks Spanish and German. Luckily he has a Spanish interpreter that will help us.

Right now I am reading a 400 page book for my book club meeting on Saturday. Not sure I am enjoying the book —- yet. But I want to finish it since the meeting will be at my house. But back to the pro bono client. Our meeting is scheduled for Friday after work and I have not done a thing because I am reading the book.

C Appointment with pro bono client scheduled for 5 pm Friday
T I don’t know what I am doing
F resentment
A ruminate, not doing : watching video tutorial and reviewing prep which includes sample work permit application
R I am not prepared

C Appointment with pro bono client scheduled for 5 pm Friday
T I want to help Ricardo get his work permit so he can get work
F helpful
A watch video, go over sample work permit and other materials
R feeling helpful

I want to think that I am capable of doing this by Friday at 5 pm. But I don’t believe it yet. So now I am asking myself what is my why? That I want to be helpful and I wish I had more time to prepare. But between reading the book (I suggested) and working at my job, I am not there.