Melodee’s Daily Dare Progress Thus Far


I just want to share how I’ve been doing with the daily dare.

1st day: I sent a co-worker, who has become a friend, a very lengthy, outrageous compliment via text. I thought she’d think I was weird, because it was SUPER outrageous. She called me the next morning and told me that she saw it when she woke up and that it made her feel like sunshine and a million bucks!!! I felt more amazing than I think she did to hear her reaction.

2nd day: Sometimes I get potato & egg breakfast tacos in the morning. I decided to ask for free tacos. I initially thought, “omg! She’s gonna think I’m cheap and rude.” I order 3 tacos and when I get to the window, I ask the cashier if I could have a taco for free, and she looks at me and asks why. I was going to explain to her that my coach gave me homework and it was a part of the assignment to do a dare a day, but instead I said, “I just thought I’d ask”. She looks at me, smiles and bursts out in laughter. Then, she tells me, YES, and gives me not one, but two tacos for free. What?! I felt like I was on cloud nine!

3rd day: I bought a book with different closing scripts for different sales/closing objections. I dared myself to use the, “I’ll think about it” closing script for an objection. However, I thought that they would think “I’m rude and pressuring them to make a sale”. As I start to share the script, I clam up and don’t say it. I didn’t close the sale either.

4th day: My sister, cousin, and I went out after a graduation to Pappasitos (it’s a Mexican restaurant, which I think you’ll like to try when you move to Texas!!). I thought it’d be outrageous to ask for my dinner for free. It ended up being free and I didn’t even ask.

5th day: My sister, and I took our dad out to Cheddars for an early Father’s day lunch. I was going to use the dare from yesterday on that, but my meal ended up being free again. Lol. I didn’t ask for it either. So I wasn’t able to complete that dare either.

6th day: Going to use the “I’ll think about it” closing script for my sales appointment this morning and not clam up this time. She ended up not having that objection, and only needed an adjustment with the investment, which I overcame that objection and ended up closing the sale. Yay!

So there’s my dare progress thus far. More goodness to come, I’m sure.