The good news is, I’ve been able to manage my anxiety enough to taper off of medication I’ve been on over 15 years. The bad news is the withdrawal results in issues with my central nervous system and memory. Supposedly it will get better, but at times it’s very frustrating and I’ll lose days, memories of days, and I called this question “Memory” because I’ve occasionally asked unrelated questions here in Ask Brooke and then not been able to find them because I don’t remember what I titled them and don’t want to read everyone else’s question to find out if It’s mine! I feel like I’ve really dropped the ball on thought work and lapse back into unhelpful thinking about my situation, which is triggering a depression cycle, with thoughts about being stuck like this, losing time with my kids, never being ok to drive again… etc. I’m also feeling helpless in the parenting department as my husband has to watch the kids while I rest a lot and I am having trouble allowing myself to not interfere and try to insert my parenting style over his. (He didn’t read my proper parent model). What thoughts could I maybe think and how could I best support my mind through this?