Brooke, I can’t thank you enough for your email re: I love men…As a man in Scholars, I have been a bit nervous. And as a man who works for a construction company, with very manly men (I coach on the side), I can tell you that it is very difficult being a man in this culture. If we were to be very honest, we would tell you that we feel very belittled, criticized and held in contempt by most women. We would also tell you that most of us really want to be honorable, good men, treat women right, and make a difference in this world. We would also tell you that much of our mental energy is spent trying to figure out how to please and care for our women, and that it is quite a puzzle most of the time. But we keep trying because we love our women and want to be good providers and companions. So…thank you again for your kind and gracious words. We truly appreciate the love! Encouragement and believing noble intent works so much better to inspire us to greatness than criticism and contempt. Blessings on you!