Mental Fight

I have done thought models on many thoughts that I have when I work.

I know those thoughts don’t serve me because they create the feelings of frustration, complete dread, stressed and boredom which hampers my ability to get stuff done at work.

I have also created a new thought to redirect myself so I can get stuff done in the end.

I just find it soo hard. My brain keeps telling me that I don’t want to work. This is hard.

And then I tell myself well I need to get this stuff done at my work because I want to be a person who gets stuff done and not procrastinate.

I just feel like I am in constant mental battle with my brain. The thoughts keep coming up and makes me feel terrible.

I feel like I allow myself to feel those emotions but I just can’t do this anymore if I keep having thoughts all the time.

I just feel like I have no power of how I think and feel when I am working. I am exhausted and tired of my own mental battle and not being able to do what I want to do.