Mental Health

Hi Brooke,
I listened to your newest podcast and love, love, love everything you said about mental health.
I’ve been a therapist for over 15 years, and always felt that way and thinking exactly the same thing, but never been able to articulate it or find some one who can. I feel so fortunate to find you out of many life coaches out there. What you said is exactly why I want to move into life coaching.
What was the title of your webinar, and how did you market this? Because “Mental Health” is not a sexy title as you said because many people think of it from the “deficit model”. Not that I want to do the webinar like this, but I’m curious to know how you can bring in/attract people to webinar like this that can be controversial or people already have some preconceived notion that is not true. — knowing your target market? 😀