Merry Christmas!

No question today – just a sincere thank you. I have been in scholars since October, and I am growing as a result. I joined because I felt I needed more coaching myself to help me better develop and coach other leaders at work. So far, I have gained the most from your teaching on the model, the manual, and boundaries. I especially love the teaching that I get to choose what to believe and believe whatever I want. I think this makes the Model even better for me. Because I am a Christian, I believe that God is in control of the universe and that I have a personal repationship with him. This means God loves me, wants the best for me, speaks to me (through his Word, circumstances, others, and through his Spirit) and that he answers prayers. I have seen circumstances ( people, events, finances, etc.) change like crazy because of prayer. For me, this means that although I have to surrender to current circumstances (God’s plan) is best, I also have power to affect the “C” through prayer. I am never powerless over my life. I believe God has changed my C’s – my husband, my father, my job, the place where I lived – over and over because of prayer and surrender. Sometimes God changes the C and other times He just changes ME. Regardless, I trust in is best plan for my life. I also believe that in Jesus Christ, the abundant life He promises is possible. That is so much better than 50/50. Even in suffering, there is joy to be found. Anyway, I really appreciate Brooke’s teaching. Hope she doesn’t mind I tweaked it a little. Thank you Brooke and team for being another answered prayer and for making a positive difference in my life. Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to slay my big, impossible goal in 2020!