Message from CEO

Hello, I have a situation where I received the following message from my CEO. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts and feelings around this.  I was able to make 2 models out of it but I’m not really sure about the R line. I want to see how much thoughts are creating the feelings but I’m having a hard time thinking that it’s my T and not the C. I also want to move into an intentional model since I know for sure that this situation is not serving me.  Any advice or comments would be appreciated!  Thank you!

C: Received the following message from CEO:  “For now I would like to ask you to not attend the meeting today.  Additionally, I will take over client management matters with (client’s name).  I don’t have time at the moment to detail things out, so any explanation will need to wait for later.”
T: I don’t think he understands the value I’m bringing to the company
F: frustrated
A: reflect on the work I’ve done for the company, thinking about what I could’ve done wrong, doubting my self and my value, buffering, not working, ruminating.
R: I’m doubting my own value?

C: Same as above
T: He might end the contract with me and I might lose my job
F: insecure
A: look for other jobs, reach out to people to see if they have any openings, look at bank account and think about worst case scenario
R: not really focusing on current work nor looking into new job?