I am in my first real job at a small agency, and the chief has given me some responsibility (work on the organisation, timetable of the employees).

I have a colleague whom I don’t really appreciate personally but he can do a good job.

I was organising the schedule of the employees and I exchanged some messages with him. He was not clear in his reply, and we had some difficulties. The last message I apologised for maybe not being clear and he replied:

C: “The esteem I felt for you has decreased so much, don’t worry, you can’t be doing worse”
T: In my job, I am badly considered
F: Vulnerable
A: I feel attack, being discouraged, I have a thought that he is belittling me, I begin to imagine other people will have the same opinions
R I want to go to the office and ask to my chief if I should quit

Can you help me to see more clearly?

I wrote back to my colleague to ask for more information but he didn’t reply.

I feel like I am creating a gap in the team and I would like to create a continuity instead.

Thank you.