Messy apartment

One year ago I moved in my boyfriends apartment. Which is quite full with stuff, especially the bedroom. Some of which is not needed & just stands in the way (literally) or just looks really bad (like all sorts of things on top of each closet/drawer or even unpacked boxes in corners, just covered with a sheet). I was a little similar, but since I watched your money videos, I changed my messy room and threw out a lot of things. Since then, I realized that it´s hard for me to life with him in this crammed apartment/bedroom. I don´t want to sleep in this bed in my little corner and look at that mess. C: messy bedroom T: I don´t want to live like that F: sad and hopeless (he says he wants to change it but never does) A: start a discussion /or giving up R: a fight /or to resign. I don´t know how I can change that thought for me into something that makes it maybe a little easier to live with this mess (I am not “allowed” to touch his stuff).