Messy Mind – Help to Feel Clear

C: Date said “I don’t think we are a match”
T: I wasn’t even good enough for a guy that wasn’t good (enough) for me
F: Worthless
A: Sulk, buffer through work
R: Not be good enough for me or take care of me

I know this is not true. Yet I believe like attracts like and I can’t believe I forgot to love myself enough and fell into looking for love outside of myself (again) and in doing so I just forgot about my own power. Which is okay, it happens and I course correct and I am just so grateful to have this work.

I’m also sad that I lost my way and was attracted AND got involved with someone I didn’t even want to be in a relationship with because I am making it mean “I am back at square 1 and I should have known better” but that just does not serve either. It’s a weird place to be because I am so aware of how I am creating my own emotions through my thoughts and I question the validity so I guess the solution is just to feel the regret of “I should have known better” and learn from it and just allow myself to be sad about “not having found my guy” and let it be that?

Feedback would be nice thank you.