Met someone who likes me more than I like him (at this stage)

I met someone online who I wouldn’t have chosen for myself, but I thought I’d give him a try. He is a very interesting guy and we had a long and interesting first conversation. Since I’m a pretty good conversationalist who can have a great conversation with anyone, it went fine. Maybe because most people don’t have great conversations while dating, many men who liked talking to me tend to invest in me early on before I know whether I like them. During the conversation, I learned some things that I like and don’t like about him. However, he is emotionally available and is clear about his interest in me which is something that other men I’ve dated so far have not been. That’s been really refreshing. He has some things he’s done in his past that affect his present that don’t line up with my values. I’m not sure I see a long-term future with him. He also has a mobile lifestyle that keeps him on the road for long periods of the year. I don’t see myself going completely mobile for love. I’m confused about whether I’m turning away someone who is emotionally available because I’m scared or because I’m not feeling that we’re entirely compatible. How can I figure this out?