Metacognition – thinking about your thinking

I think I’m blowing my mind thinking about metacognition and what that ultimately means. If thoughts are something you say to yourself, just like something you might say to another person, then they can be a circumstance or a fact, correct? And that means they are neutral?

So wouldn’t that mean that all thoughts are neutral? And thus all actions and results are also neutral?

So then in reality everything is neutral. So that’s how we create our own reality by assigning meaning to everything – the C, T, F, A, R.

So it isn’t that anything is good or bad, positive or negative, but it’s whether or not the assigned meaning we choose to give it leads up to our desired result? And the desired result would be neutral as well.

Just like Brooke said, that in the end none of it matters and because it doesn’t matter then you can go all in on it mattering. Now I’m thinking she said that because it’s all neutral anyway. We get to decide what everything means. So why not make it mean what best serves you, based upon the assigned meaning you’ve already established?

Am I totally off in this thinking? I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much.